SELECT Self-Learning Atlas of Ancient European CulTures


KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

KA201 – Strategic Partnership for school education   (2019-2023)

Our objectives:

:: increasing in European citizenship a deeper awareness of the common European cultural heritage outside the Greek-Latin world by reconstructing the overall historical geography of peoples settled in ancient Europe, which have let a written sign of their presence.

:: providing the European educational systems with a self-learning tool for the study of the ancient world, boosting at the same time their digital competence. As suggested by the European guidelines “New Skills Agenda for Europe” (2016), in a continuously changing digital society the educational system is strongly encouraged to develop autonomous learning and self-guidance competences. The development of a comprehensive ATLAS of the languages, writings and cultures of ancient Europe will support the autonomous learning of younger citizens on these topics.

A chronological range from the oldest written documents in the 8th century BC up to the Romanization era 3rd century AD is set.

The geographical area covered includes all the European countries where written documents are known in the chronological framework set above: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece (excluding the Greek dialects) and European Turkey.



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